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Don’t Let the Door Hit Ya on the Way Out

I wish there was a constitutional way to allow Bush to leave early. The outrageous stories about his administration just keep piling up:

I know . . . it’s probably not constructive and perhaps not even good sportsmanship to keep piling on….And yet I feel the need to share the story of Skip Orr, whom I met Tuesday night in Grant Park watching President-elect Obama take the stage. A long-time Obama supporter, Skip had flown in from Japan for this….As President of Boeing Japan, he found himself at a Democrats Abroad meeting pitching John Kerry — and then found himself outed as a Democrat in the New York Times. The next day Karl Rove called Boeing headquarters noting his displeasure — and referring to the great deal of business Boeing does with the government. Basically, he wanted Orr fired.

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Yes! We! Can!

Its just beautiful! Isn’t it?!? The whole world rejoices! America renews its promise. What better way to prove it than to elect a black man the leader of the free world. It is truly a bright light at the end of 8 years of the worst leadership in a century. Out of the darkness we’ve emerged full of hope and community and purpose. We owe this moment to Obama, but this was a win for everyone.


And we all celebrated! Yes we can! No more Bush!

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Howard University




New York

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Some Things Never Change

Lol! Nominated Best Cover of the Year!