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Rise of Multiculturalism?

Yglesias crunches the numbers here.

John Kerry won 41 percent of the (non-Hispanic — assume “white” = “non-Hispanic white” throughout this discussion) white vote, and Barack Obama improved to 43 percent of the white vote. But the white vote declined from 77 percent of the electorate to 74 percent of the electorate. As a result, 31.57 percent of voters were white people who voted for John Kerry in 2004. In 2008, the tally was very similar — 31.82 percent of voters were white people who voted for Barack Obama.

The big difference is that Obama increased the share of the black vote from 11 percent to 13 percent, increased the share of the “other” vote from 2 percent to 3 percent, grew his share of the black vote by seven percentage points, grew his share of the Hispanic vote by 13 (!) percentage points, grew his share of the Asian vote by five percentage points, and grew his share of the “other” vote by 11 percentage points. Consequently, while just 16.12 percent of 2004 voters were non-white for Kerry, fully 20.15 percent of 2008 voters were non-white for Obama. That 4.03 percentage point increase was the difference maker. McCain, despite the collapse in GOP party identification, despite Bush’s unpopularity, despite the economic crisis, held his own among white people. But he got slaughtered by a much bigger margin among non-whites, and his white base shrunk.


Free Speech Isn’t Free

The price is you’ve got to listen to some real idiots. I am all for free speech, but some people need to shut up. #1 Joe the Plumber. A white working class, unlicensed, uninformed, tax-dodging, obama tax plan benefiting, rich-conservative ass kissing, sammy davis junior referencing, McCain-Palin supporting, Israeli foreign policy promoting, lying wannabe plumber. Dude, just shut up! Really! Read a book or a blog or something. Pick up a newspaper. Listen sometimes. Take a break from making conclusions. You are not very good at it. 

Ari Melber

Are you like me? Do you throw the remote at the tv because you are disgusted by all the news shows that allow Republican hacks to tell a bunch of lies with a straight face while the host and the Democratic hack let’s them get away with it? Well, save yourself a tv. I’ve got the solution:Ari Melber. This guy is great! I’ve seen this guy verbally rip 3 new Republican hack buttholes tonight. The priceless parts of these clips is the defeated look on each of his opponents faces when they realized that they were owned. I love it. Love it! Enjoy!


Ari Melber vs Amanda Carter

Ari Melber vs Joe Watkins

Ari Melber vs Brad Blakeman

Those Lazy Americans

John McCain is losing it. I don’t think he even knows what he is talking about. I know this video is old, but in these last 30 days with the economy headed over a cliff I want to remind people just how Out of Touch McCain is. Here he is claiming that Americans would refuse to pick lettuce for $50/hr. That’s $100,000/yr John. Not everyone can get on the marry-a-rich-blond-heiress economic plan. Jeez!

The Press is Free To Compliment Me

Another tip from Halcro here. Sarah nor her family seems to like the press reporting the truth. They make sure to push them around when they don’t like a story about the Palin Administration. Read the full article but here’s the gist:

This appears to be the Palin press plan; send your surrogates to attack the media, while Palin refuses to stand on her own two feet and answer questions on the campaign trail.

Last week during an interview with CNN’s Randi Kaye, she told me that CNN reporters and others on the Palin campaign plane have been so shut out from asking Palin questions, they are forced to shout them to her from thirty feet away. Palin’s response of course is to smile and wave.

Somethings never change. A lack of being able to answer tough questions and a rabid press response team trained to attack anyone who dares questions her.

She Really Screwed it Up

I just finished reading the Alaska Legislative Digest here . Apparently, in addition to insulting everyone’s intelligence by claiming that you can see Russia from Alaska and that qualifies as foreign policy experience, she really sold Alaska’s importance in international affairs short. According to the article, if she had been in interested enough in those affairs, she would have known. From the article:

Gov. Palin blew the opportunity, perhaps because she is “incurious.” She didn’t know but should have known and described our many roles. For example, there are our fisheries, Japanese investment, our international markets, the hazards of shifting currencies. We are a majority player in the North Pacific Fisheries Commission. We have 63 percent of the coastline of the United States, participate in two huge offshore fisheries economic zones, the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea, the latter which we share with Russia. Then there is the Chukchi Sea and the Arctic Ocean, now in play internationally with global warming. We are a player in the International Whaling Commission, and a leader in the Circumpolar Conference of Arctic peoples.

Our University is a leader in polar geophysical science, marine science, and Arctic regions engineering. We are not just “near Russia,” we bring students from the Russian Far East to our University. Our tourist trade and timber trades are international in character. Our large mines bring international investment, principally from the Far East, Canada, and Europe.A huge portion of world air freight traffics through Anchorage International Airport. The sea trade of the Pacific follows the great circle route along our shores, and we know about the problems of dealing with pollution and accountability from shipping accidents by foreign carriers.

Still Lying!

Sarah Palin repeated the ‘Thanks, but No Thanks’ again today, 9/13/2008.

She revealed to Charlie Gibson why she is sticking to the line:

PALIN: It’s been an embarrassment, not just Alaska’s projects. But McCain gives example after example after example. I mean, every state has their embarrassment. And, as I’ve said over and over, if Alaska wants that bridge, $300 million, $400 million dollars, over to that island with an airport, we’ll find a way to build it ourselves. The rest of the country doesn’t have to build that for us.

GIBSON: But you were for it before you were against it. You were solidly for it for quite some period of time…

PALIN: I was …

GIBSON: … until Congress pulled the plug.

PALIN: I was for infrastructure being built in the state. And it’s not inappropriate for a mayor or for a governor to request and to work with their Congress and their congressmen, their congresswomen, to plug into the federal budget along with every other state a share of the federal budget for infrastructure.

GIBSON: Right.

PALIN: What I supported was the link between a community and its airport. And we have found that link now.

GIBSON: But you didn’t say no to Congress, well build it ourselves until after they pulled the plug. Correct?

PALIN: No, because Congress still allowed those dollars to come into Alaska. They did.

GIBSON: Well, but …

PALIN: Transportation fund dollars still came into Alaska. It was our choice, Charlie, whether we were going to spend it on a bridge or not. And I said, thanks, but no thanks. We’re not going to spend it on the bridge.

PALIN: And now obviously, Charlie, with the federal government saying, no, the rest of the nation does not want to fund that project. You have a choice. You either read the writing on the wall and understand okay, yes, that, that project’s going nowhere. And the state isn’t willing to fund that project. So what good does it do to continue to support something that circumstances have so drastically changed? You call an audible, and you deal in reality, and you move on. And, Charlie, we killed the bridge to nowhere and that’s the bottom line.

She’s arguing that after Congress sent the money the fact that she decided not to build the bridge is equivalent to saying, ‘Thanks but no thanks’, if we want a bridge we will build it ourselves.’ She implies earlier she decided like John McCain that the BtN was pork. But admits that we didnt have the money So I killed it.

That’s obvious in the Governor’s full press releasehere on 9/21/2007 she said:

“Ketchikan desires a better way to reach the airport, but the $398 million bridge is not the answer,” said Governor Palin. “Despite the work of our congressional delegation, we are about $329 million short of full funding for the bridge project, and it’s clear that Congress has little interest in spending any more money on a bridge between Ketchikan and Gravina Island,” Governor Palin added. “Much of the public’s attitude toward Alaska bridges is based on inaccurate portrayals of the projects here. But we need to focus on what we can do, rather than fight over what has happened.” The Department of Transportation has approximately $36 million in federal funds that will become available for other projects with the shutdown of the Gravina Island bridge project. Governor Palin has directed Commissioner Leo von Scheben to review transportation projects statewide to prepare a list of possible uses for the funds, while the department also looks for a more affordable answer for Gravina Island access.

She is clearly saying the federal government will not finance the full cost of the bridge. So we have to look at other solutions. She then went on to say imply that the value of the BtN had been mischaracterized.

But, now she’s taking full credit for it.