Free Speech Isn’t Free

The price is you’ve got to listen to some real idiots. I am all for free speech, but some people need to shut up. #1 Joe the Plumber. A white working class, unlicensed, uninformed, tax-dodging, obama tax plan benefiting, rich-conservative ass kissing, sammy davis junior referencing, McCain-Palin supporting, Israeli foreign policy promoting, lying wannabe plumber. Dude, just shut up! Really! Read a book or a blog or something. Pick up a newspaper. Listen sometimes. Take a break from making conclusions. You are not very good at it. 


One response to “Free Speech Isn’t Free

  1. I am tired of hearing the “Joe the Plumber” angle as well. Although being in the position of buying a business myself. Obama’s economic plan does not make sense to me. I know I won’t be voting for him.

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