The Press is Free To Compliment Me

Another tip from Halcro here. Sarah nor her family seems to like the press reporting the truth. They make sure to push them around when they don’t like a story about the Palin Administration. Read the full article but here’s the gist:

This appears to be the Palin press plan; send your surrogates to attack the media, while Palin refuses to stand on her own two feet and answer questions on the campaign trail.

Last week during an interview with CNN’s Randi Kaye, she told me that CNN reporters and others on the Palin campaign plane have been so shut out from asking Palin questions, they are forced to shout them to her from thirty feet away. Palin’s response of course is to smile and wave.

Somethings never change. A lack of being able to answer tough questions and a rabid press response team trained to attack anyone who dares questions her.


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