She Really Screwed it Up

I just finished reading the Alaska Legislative Digest here . Apparently, in addition to insulting everyone’s intelligence by claiming that you can see Russia from Alaska and that qualifies as foreign policy experience, she really sold Alaska’s importance in international affairs short. According to the article, if she had been in interested enough in those affairs, she would have known. From the article:

Gov. Palin blew the opportunity, perhaps because she is “incurious.” She didn’t know but should have known and described our many roles. For example, there are our fisheries, Japanese investment, our international markets, the hazards of shifting currencies. We are a majority player in the North Pacific Fisheries Commission. We have 63 percent of the coastline of the United States, participate in two huge offshore fisheries economic zones, the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea, the latter which we share with Russia. Then there is the Chukchi Sea and the Arctic Ocean, now in play internationally with global warming. We are a player in the International Whaling Commission, and a leader in the Circumpolar Conference of Arctic peoples.

Our University is a leader in polar geophysical science, marine science, and Arctic regions engineering. We are not just “near Russia,” we bring students from the Russian Far East to our University. Our tourist trade and timber trades are international in character. Our large mines bring international investment, principally from the Far East, Canada, and Europe.A huge portion of world air freight traffics through Anchorage International Airport. The sea trade of the Pacific follows the great circle route along our shores, and we know about the problems of dealing with pollution and accountability from shipping accidents by foreign carriers.


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