What Troopergate Says About McCain

I’ve read all the accounts of the subpoenas in CNN, NYT, WSJ. I come away from it with the impression that again McCain has lousy judgment. For me this is worse than the lying.

Just picking Sarah Palin is crazy enough. But, his Campaign is now involved in a what’s turning out to be a major ethics violation investigation BEFORE he even gets into office. Trust me by the time Branchwater uncovers everything, it will be major. Every story I’ve read has the McCain Campaign almost acting as a defendant in the case.

This is a real mess. Its Sarah Palin’s mess. She let what looks like a personal vendetta spiral out of control into an ethics and possibly a criminal investigation and most likely into an Alaskan constitutional crisis, if the McCain Campaign has its way.

But, more important than that, this is just one more case where I just don’t follow McCain’s reasoning. Most everyone would do some accounting before the pick right? Ok, the expected bounce. That’s a big plus. She’s going to need some training. That’s a minus. She’s under investigation for abuse of power and the indictments may come down on October 31st. That’s a GINORMOUS minus. Most responsible adults would pass. But, HE DID IT ANYWAY! That’s not ‘Mavrik’! That’s idiotic!

Ultimately, I’m not voting for him. But, every time I try to put myself in his shoes and think what would I do in this situation and then compare my choices to his, it frightens me. And frankly I’ve had enough of being scared. These last 8 years I’ve been praying Shrub does not get us all killed with his John Wayne impressions. I was starting feel good. Just 4 more months. But the thought of him winning just makes me think how in addition to all the stress that everyone has to worry about we all are going to be on edge wondering whether he’s gambled this countries future on a whim. And that does not even include Palin.


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