Other People’s Money

Kate Sullivan: Someday, we’ll smarten up, change some laws, and put you OUT OF BUSINESS.
Lawrence Garfield: You can change all the laws you want. You can’t stop the game. I’ll still be here. I adapt.

I noted in my previous post that Alaskans are taking in more federal money than they are sending in taxes. But, it get’s worse.

Alaskans have received their Permanent Fund Dividend checks today of $3,269.00. If you have 4 kids, that’s roughly $13,000. Here’s a description of the program here.

If look on line 55 of the Alaska State budget, here total disbursements are $1.2 billion.

What bugs me about this is that the State of Alaska has requested $746 million in federal earmarks for all kinds of public infrastructure projects when they are completely capable of funding for their own projects.

What bugs me even more is that Sarah Palin the Governor of Alaska continues to promote this farce in this election that she is a reformer when she is the queen of earmarks. And worse, she does not even need the earmarks! The have the funding!

People wonder why she is popular. Its simple. Take the States money and payoff the citizens. Use federal money to build public infrastructure.


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