Sarah Palin’s MO

If you haven’t heard of DairyGate TPM has a good write up on it here:

Matanuska Maid was a failing, state-run dairy that had lost about $600,000 over two years when the state Creamery Board finally decided to shut it down in the spring of 2007.

Sarah Palin felt so strongly that Matanuska Maid should continue operating that she fired the entire state Board of Agriculture and Conservation, which appoints the Creamery Board, just to install new members who would reverse the Creamery Board’s decision and keep Matanuska Maid alive.

Sustaining a money-losing state-run business certainly doesn’t sound like fiscal responsibility. But neither does increasing the price the hemorrhaging enterprise pays for milk, which is precisely what the Creamery Board did, making it even more likely Matanuska Maid would not be able to continue as a viable entity.

In June of 2007, Matanuska Maid eked out a small profit. In July, however, it lost almost $300,000. So, after first going to extraordinary lengths to keep Matanuska Maid alive, then imposing the equivalent of a death sentence (raising the dairy’s already high expenses), Sarah Palin came to the same decision the fired Creamery Board had several months before – Matanuska Maid had to be shut down.

Now listen to the discussion between Andrew Halcro, ran against Governor Palin as an independent, and Sarah Palin about Mat Maid here

The pattern here is the same with her:

1) Fire the people who don’t agree with you
2) Hire people who don’t know what they are doing but are loyal
3) Lie about the details
4) Gloss over the incompetence with trite free market rhetoric

Sound familiar?

Andrew Halcro really nails her at 6:29 of the discussion:

You’ve got a bright way of painting things and uhm I would say that when my hand picked board comes in and in the span of seven weeks loses $300,000 in one month which is the largest single loss in any month in the dairy’s history I think its more than just happy talk.


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